Effective advertising on the Internet does not mean buying views or transmission time. It also does not measure the rate of the legendary CTR. Effective advertising campaigns are those where you just do not buy advertising space, only a predetermined result.

This is a campaign tailored to suit up with the product or service.
Campaign are carried in four optional models:
CPA (cost per action), or for shares
CPS (cost per sale), or for the sale
CPL (cost per lead), or pay-per-lead
CPC (cost per click), or per-click

Campaigns are carried out as follows:
The program is placed on the website publishers who are Contextually or matched by demographic profile of the advertised services or products.
The customer pays only for users who have done the desired effect.
Ads may be emitted on both sides of the smaller context to match the products and brands, as well as the largest social networking sites and portals.
Affiliation lets you use the full range of ad formats.
Our specialists, in collaboration with publishers, advise you what forms are most effective.

Portfolio Service
We are a company where the objective is to obtain quantifiable effects of sales via the Internet. We deliver high quality results while maintaining the highest standards of customer service. Our policies are tailor made, taking into account the specificities of bid and offer our customers an industry.

Our portfolio of services includes:

Landing Pages and the creation
    Usability - a study of general websites
    Designing and building landing pages and creative advertising
    SEO - audit, Search Engine Optimization for search engines
    Optimizing your landing pages and creative advertising - A / B and multivariate tests in conjunction with the creation of tests

Advertising Campaigns
    Affiliate programs - tailored to your needs
    Optimization of action using the world's best technology
    Emailing to specific target groups
    Advertising on search engines

We are strategists, our actions are often planned and long term to gain client. Tactics adapt to variable market conditions, customer offers, the marketing budget. Operate reactively searching for the Holy Grail - the media, which ensures the highest ROI for advertisers and maximize revenue sites.
  • Guaranteed highest rates
  • Rapid, on-time payments
  • Exclusive Market Leader Rewards
  • Tested and proven CREATIVE
  • Custom Weekly payment terms
  • Experienced Account Managers
  • Performance based marketing
  • Extraordinary Reach of 10k+ Publishers
  • Advanced Quality Control Measures
  • Long experience of Affiliate Marketing
  • Full solutions for all your needs
  • Guaranteed Results
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